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We work with innovative and fast growing multi-national companies, small and medium business enterprises, and startups.


Blockchain Startup

The Challenge: Launch a new blockchain powered platform

Disciplines involved: Business and corporate development, outside general counsel

Results: Worked together with the client's internal legal team and external advisors on a wide range of business, finance, and legal projects, including multi-jurisdictional crypto asset offerings and launch of a new mainnet and blockchain-powered platform.


Hedge Fund

The Challenge: Provide the client with better insight into the local market

Disciplines involved: Market research and analysis

Results: Provide local researchers and analysts to a client based outside of Korea. Produce daily reports of relevant, in-depth, and real-time local market coverage, beyond the scope of traditional news outlets and other paid research services.


Web/ Mobile Startup

The Challenge: Build a startup

Disciplines involved: Startup, business and corporate development, outside general counsel

Results: Worked closely with the founders from the outset, advising on key issues of every aspect of the new venture from formation to business modeling through a customer development process with the goal of achieving a scalable, profitable business model.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Distribution

The Challenge: Support a client with limited resources in Korea in navigating the local market, initiate discussions with potential partners, and close deals

Disciplines involved: Joint ventures, strategic alliances, and  partnerships; business and corporate development, market research and analysis

Results: During phase 1 market research and analysis was conducted to identify several candidates that were good strategic fits for the client.  Phase 2 contemplated initiating contact and soliciting interest from the list of target companies and supporting each transaction, from negotiation to due diligence to review of documentation and closing.


Global CRM Platform Operator

The Challenge: Review the Client's business in Korea to identify potential business, financial, and legal risks.

Disciplines involved: Outside general counsel

Results: Based on our recommendations following a comprehensive review, the Client restructured its Korea business with seoulsolution coordinating the restructuring and managing work performed by outside legal counsel and tax advisors.


Health & Beauty Products

The Challenge: Provide multi-faceted support to a rapidly growing company 

Disciplines involved: Business and corporate development, outside general counsel

Results: Work closely with the CEO and senior managers to provide both day-to-day support and high-level strategic advice on a wide range of business, operational, finance, and legal projects. 

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